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Memorial inscription

The window was erected in church in 1941 by Stuart Petre Brodie Mais, writer and broadcaster in memory of his mother Hannah Horden Mais and his father the Revd John Brodie Stuart Mais.

(It is interesting to note that SPB got the date of his mother’s death wrong. According to the Burial Register she died in 1939 not 1937.)
The Revd. Brodie Mais was appointed Rector of Holy Trinity Church in 1850, the 50th anniversary of the founding of the church and he died, still in office, on the 24th July 1941 just one year after the 100th anniversary celebrations. He died in the Whitworth Hospital, Darley Dale at the age of 81 after 51 years as Rector. The funeral service was held in Tansley church on the 26th July 1941 followed by interment in the churchyard.

In his address at the 100th anniversary service in 1940 the Revd Mais said “Looking back over the last 50 years I am reminded how I qualified to become Rector of this parish. In the family vault at Clifton lie the remains of the Patron of this parish who gave me the living. I was so ill I was not expected to live for many months. Perhaps some of you can carry your minds back to the Rector before me. He was so ill he died within twelve months of receiving the living and the Rector before that was not a strong man. But after I was appointed I grew stronger and stronger and you can see I am not particularly delicate now.”

Brodie Mais must have been a man with a lovely sense of humour. He was well liked in the village and many tales are still told about him; of the time he forgot to take a wedding and came running across from the village still in his Wellington boots, straight from the garden; of the time when he had one of the early motor cars and he painted a white line down the centre of the road to guide him through the gateway to the Rectory.

In his anniversary sermon the Revd Brodie Mais also said “I should have liked today to have dedicated a central window to my late wife but the war has stopped all work of that type.” One year later Revd Brodie Mais died.
But the war did not stop his son S.P.B.Mais from having the window installed just 2 months after his father’s death.
PCC Minute Extract from the minutes of the Parochial Church Council held in church on the 30th September 1941.
It is interesting to note that the window must have been available for it to have been installed at such short notice - just 2 months after Brodie Mais death - and that no Faculty (permission to have the window installed) seems to have been granted by the Bishop of Lichfield in that short period of time.