Holy Trinity Church
Richard Writes

Revd Richard Reade


                                                                                                                                                                                  April 2017

Dear Friends,

Alleluia! Christ is risen!

It seems no time at all since I was last wishing you all a very Happy Easter. They say that the years fly by quicker and quicker, and that´s certainly true of the liturgical year. This month we celebrate once again the most important Christian Festival in our worship calendar.

Easter day marks the resurrection of the crucified Lord and the triumph of Divine Love over death and what the Bible terms the powers and principalities of this world. This feast day marks the beginning of the new creation and the opening up of the promise of eternal life to all peoples, whatever their background. This day marks the affirmation of all that Jesus did and stood for; a revelation of the self-giving love that lies at the very heart of the Most Holy Trinity.

The Cross on Calvary revealed the dark side of human nature. Faced with the challenge of a message of love, forgiveness and acceptance that reached out to those on the edge of society; to those who were considered outside the Covenant, the political and religious authorities closed ranks and whipped up the crowds to condemn the teacher from Galilee.

Jesus was betrayed by a friend, abandoned by His followers, subjected to a sham trial, was beaten, whipped and nailed to a cross in the dust and heat outside the walls of Jerusalem. Through it all He demonstrated the depths of God´s love, mercy and forgiveness for His creation. As the Franciscan Richard Rohr emphasises in his writings, Jesus didn´t come amongst us to change God´s mind about humanity but rather He came amongst us to change our minds about God, to let go of our preconceptions and reveal the eternal beating heart of infinite self-giving love.

Easter is a time to celebrate that Divine Love and the promise of a healed and restored relationship between humanity and its Creator. By journeying through the events of Holy Week, from the Palm Sunday procession, through Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, so we can come to Easter and sing with great joy the marvellous hymn, ´Thine be the glory, risen, conquering Son´

Every blessing


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