Holy Trinity Church
Richard Writes

Revd Richard Reade

Revd Anne Phillips

John Paulson

Roger Flint

August 2018

Dear Friends,

Recently we welcomed the Diocesan Missioner, the Revd. Jason Kennedy, to facilitate a morning to look at what we´ve been doing over the last few years as a church with our Mission Action Plan (MAP) and then to begin the process of looking forward. In the second half of the morning, after reviewing the previous MAP (Celebrating what had gone well & identifying where things hadn´t gone according to plan), Jason went on to introduce the new format for Mission Action Planning which focusses far more on the purpose of the church. Who is God calling us to be & then on to what to do. How can the church flourish? A healthy church is a flourishing church, so we need to focus on removing the barriers that prevent the church from flourishing and to provide the right environment for health. How can we be increasingly faithful & healthy?

Our mission shapes us. Our understanding of why we´re here impacts our priorities, our character & our relationships. Church called to display the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). The fruits are spiritual characteristics which come from God. They are intentional (We want to grow them); they are transformative (When people display these fruits we notice the change in them) & they are universal (We need to display them all).

So how can we increasingly show the characteristics that God desires to have in our Church?

"Vision without action is a daydream.
Action without vision is a nightmare."

Repurposed MAP looks at the whole common life of the Church − a tool for the health & flourishing of our Church. What is God´s mission for the Church here? How do we respond to the characteristics of a healthy church?

Christ centred in life & worship
Focussed on mission & purpose
Loving, servant-hearted & generous
Welcoming, open & inclusive
Willing to adapt for God´s purposes
Encouraging in Christian vocation & service
Christ−like in leadership
Valuing & engaging with children, young people & families

Next Stage − This is an ongoing process in which as a church we reflect on the characteristics & discern where to focus our energies. Input from all members is welcomed & the PCC will be continuing to reflect before drawing up the next MAP. Please pray for our church, its flourishing and for growth.

Every blessing