Tansley Village

The Derwent font
The 'new' Font

The Revd Joe Hurst inspecting the font bowl before its installation in our church in 1978. The bowl was removed from Sts John and James Church in Derwent village in 1943 prior to demolition and flooding of the valley to make the Derwent Dam. The font was “lost” for some years, found eventually in the basement of Eyre’s furniture shop in Chesterfield, erected in Hathersage Church and finally given to Tansley Church in 1977.

The inscription round the bowl reads “HENERY BAVEGY 1672”. Henry Balguy (spelling varies) was the Patron of the church in the village of Derwent and presented the font to the church in 1672.

The new font pedestal can be seen in the background, the site of the new baptistry which was formed in the North aisle by the removal of some pews.

The present baptistry is now at the eastern end of the North aisle.