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Newspaper Reports of the time
The long and detailed report in the Derby Mercury on the 8th May 1839 of the laying of the foundation stone of the new chapel indicates the importance of such an event in the village and surrounding areas. We are told that over 2000 people attended the ceremony and that the proprietors of the mills gave their workpeople a day off. Tansley was still part of Crich Parish but it was now to have its own chapel.

We are told that underneath the foundation stone was placed a glass bottle containing coins and a list of subscibers to the church. This custom was repeated in 1990 on the 150th anniversary of the church when a capsule containing a wide variety of current information about the church, people and activities, together with a set of current coinage was sealed into the walls of the church to be opened in 100 years time.

The following report in the Derby Mercury of the 15th July 1840 records, rather more briefly, details of the first service to be held in the chapel on the 12th July 1840.

This report from the Derby Mercury of the 22nd September 1840 records the Consecration of the chapel by the Lord Bishop of Lichfield. There must have been distinguished congregations that day as the collections amounted to £50. 10s. 6d. - a lot of money in 1840