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The decision to run Messy Church sessions was a joint initiative between the Methodist and Anglican churches in the village. A planning committee was set up under the leadership of the Revd, Colin Smith and the Revd Richard Reade, with members from the two churches. This meets to arrange the theme and practicalities of the next Messy Church. The sessions are held in the Methodist Brunswick rooms because of the facilities, including kitchen, available. The whole scheme is funded by donations from the two churches together with grants from charities.

18th September 2013

God´s Harvest

This first Messy Church, under the auspices of the Methodist Church and ourselves, was held in the Brunswick Rooms of the Methodist Church was a great success with 24 children and 10 parents present. Lovely happy smiley faced children, parents and helpers all mixed well and there was a real buzz and excitement in the air.
Tha afternoon started with craft tables where there was plenty for the children to do: making miniature gardens, using pasta to make patterns on paper plates, creating animals out of vegetables and fruit, and an outdoor project involving a volcano, all accompanied with much excitement, movement and noise.
This followed by a short time in chapel where the theme was "God´s Harvest", brought out through the simple story of tracing where the ingredients for a loaf of bread came from.
After this everyone, children, parents and helpers sat down to tables bedecked with bowls of salad, chicken, vegetables and lots of other fillings. Freshly prepared pancakes in the kitchen were brought out for everyone to make wraps with the various fillings. A few of the male helpers were at a loss of how to do this but he children soon came to the rescue ! The afternoon ended at 5-15pm with lots of happy smiling faces looking forward to the next on 4th December,
The afternoon could not have been such a success had it not been for the very careful and detailed forward planning of the team and the involvement of the helpers, from both churches, with the welcoming, the craft, the service and the meal. Thank you to all concerned.

4th December 2013


This second Messy Church was held on Wednesday the 4th December in the methodist Brunswick rooms and once again there happy faced and a nice atmosphere The room was filled with the noise of children cutting out figures and shapes of angels to make a large collage of the Christmas scene and story of the Nativity. Before leaving everyone enjoyed a baked potato with beans and cheese. A happy and fruitful afternoon.

12th February 2014

Horrible History of St. Valentine

Horrible History of St. Valentine was the theme and was told in the gory and sensational manner currently used in books and TV for children. 16 keen and excited children, together with parents and carers took part in busily making swords and dream catchers and drawing images of themselves.
The theme of the short time in the chapel was based on John 3, verse 16, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes shall have eternal life" and the children were able to perform a short drama about St. Valentine.
Before going home a supply of hot dogs and onions was scoffed by many eager tummies. All were eagerly awaiting the next Messy Church. Thanks must go to the willing band of helpers from Holy Trinity and Methodist churches.

30th April 2014


Our joint venture of Messy Church on the 30th April with the Methodist Church was a very uplifting one. We had a lot of positive feedback from Children and Carers alike. 21 Children and 10 carers came along after School had finished for Crafts, a short service and a meal. Our fourth event had an Easter theme and with the warmer weather we could venture outside again. The Older Children in the Group constructed a Cross and tomb display in the Church Grounds and inside the Children could make Chocolate Easter Egg nests, Decorate eggs and colour in Crosses. There was a short service and Story based around Luke 24: 36 to 44 that was lead by Rev Richard Reade. Afterwards everyone sat down for a meal of Pi/za and Nibbles with Chocolate Cake to follow. Everyone had a great time, and it was such a positive event in many ways. Working with our Methodist friends builds positive stronger links between our churches which in turn helps both Churches build bridges with the people of Tansley but most importantly it gives us the opportunity to reach out and tell the Children and their Carers of the good news the Gospels bring to the World which should be the main goal of the Christian community. [Russell Lane]

25th June 2014

Feeding of the 5000

With the sun shining and summer upon us it was great to be with familiar and new faces joining us for a fun packed afternoon which was relaxed, friendly and welcoming . There were lots to do, like making fish out of paper plates and decorating them, baking Bread / Scones, making and decorating picnic boxes. Outside there was a fishing game which proved very popular with children of all ages. Crafts and games were followed by an animated story and talk which focused on the story "Jesus feeding the 5000" and Jesus being the Bread of Life. After messy grace was said everyone sat down to a meal of fish fingers and chips with ice cream and cake for pudding. We would like to thank everyone who came along, children, carers and helpers; it really made for a fantastic and memorable afternoon. It was positive and inspiring to see people of all ages in fellowship together; we can learn so much from each other. Plans are already underway for our next Messy Church to take place in September. If anyone would like to come along and help us you would be more than welcome. [Russell Lane]

3rd. December 2014

Noah's Ark

18th February 2015

The Good Shepherd

"The atmosphere was buzzing with 28 happy children who are now getting to know us and many of the children came and thanked us for having them which makes it all worthwhile. With an overall theme of "The Good Shepherd", sheep and sheep pens figured prominently, with the children making a sheep-pen, sheep badges, fridge magnets and decorating biscuits with sheep faces. Of course the sit down meal could be nothing other than 'Shepherds Pie and sweets which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Permeating everything was the story of the Good Shepherd and the message that Jesus cares and loves us all. [information from June]

1st April 2015

"Look at the Cross"

Messy Church was held last Wednesday in the Brunswick Rooms, of the Methodist Church at 3-30pm. After a drink and biscuits, 22 happy, smiling children were excited to start with the activities and it was great to have new children and helpers. The Theme was "Look at the Cross" so the activities involved making crosses out of oasis, clay and card, decorating them and talking about how the cross is important in different situations. Richard then talked to the children about the events of Holy Week, the Cross and the Last Supper and explained the significance and meaning of Holy Communion through the sharing of bread crosses and blackcurrant juice. The afternoon was completed when everyone sat down and tucked into a meal of jacket potato with butter, cheese and beans followed by cakes, biscuits and Easter Chicks. There was a lovely atmosphere with everyone working together.

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