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We know that you might like to marry in a church away from where you live because it has special significance for you through family or other special connections. The requirements for being able to be married in a Church of England church were relaxed in 2008 so that an engaged couple can now do just that if either of you can show just one of the following seven connections with the parish.

That one of you:
was baptised in the parish concerned or
was prepared for confirmation in the parish or
has at any time lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or
has at any time regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months or

That one of your parents,
at any time after you were born: has lived in the parish for a period of at least 6 months or
has regularly gone to normal church services in the parish church for a period of at least 6 months or

That one of your parents or grandparents:
was married in the parish

In all cases involving church services - i.e. going to normal church services, baptism, confirmation or marriage - this applies only to Church of England services. Even if you cannot demonstrate any of the above connections, we want to help you explore whether it may still be possible for you to marry in your special church.
Talk to the Revd Richard Reade well in advance to discuss the options open to you.

Signing the Register

Banns of Marriage
Banns of marriage are required by law to be read out in the Parish Church where the bride-to-be lives and in the parish where the groom lives.

The Minister of each church will then give notice, during the Sunday service, for three weeks in the period three months prior to the wedding, that you are to be married and ask if anybody knows of any reason why you should not be allowed to do so. You may like to go along to church to hear these banns being read - so ask the Minister when they will begin.

Afterwards contact the Minister and ask for a Banns Certificate which proves that they have been read out. The Banns Certificate from the church where the wedding is to take place is free but there will be a small charge for the certificate from the other church. This must then be shown to the Minister who is to conduct the ceremony prior to the wedding. Very important - if it is not shown you cannot be married so you must take this responsibility seriously. If in doubt ask for help. The Minister will let you know of any charges incurred.

Honeymoon and passports
Brides may have their passport in their new name prior to the wedding. This is also advisable if travelling to some countries!
Collect a form PD2 from the post office and bring it to the minister to sign.

Marriage after divorce
We welcome those who are divorced who come to church seeking the opportunity for Christian marriage. Occasionally a couple prefer a service of blessing after a civil marriage.

Renewal of Marriage Vows
Sometimes couples who have been married for some time also appreciate a Service for the Renewal of Marriage Vows, to give thanks for their marriage. This could take place within a normal service but it could be a special arrangement.
Revd. Reade will be happy to discuss your special requirements with you.

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