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Ministers of Holy Trinity Church
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Part of the Parish of Crich

1840 - 1841 Revd Joseph Webb
1841 - 1841 Revd A. Orme
1843 - 1846 Revd H.A. Smith
1846 - 1866 Revd Melville Holmes

Formation of Tansley Parish

1866 - 1867 Revd Melville Holmes (Rector)
1867 - 1880 Revd Hely Hutchinson Smith (Rector )
1880 - 1888 Revd Edward Robinson (Rector)
1888 - 1889 Revd James A. Pearman (Rector)
1889 - 1941 Revd John Brodie Stuart Mais (Rector)
1942 - 1952 Revd George Caldwell (Rector)

Combined Benefice with St. Giles, Matlock

1952 - 1953 Revd Ian Calvert (Curate)
1953 - 1955 Revd Paul Miller (Curate)
1955 - 1957 Revd Peter Tomlinson (Curate)
1958 - 1959 Revd Martin Cordes (Curate)
1959 - 1961 Revd Lionel Blaxland (Curate)
1961 - 1963 Revd Paul Hunt (Curate)
1963 - 1967 Revd Donald Reece (Curate)
1967 - 1977 Revd John O. Drackley (Curate)

Combined Benefice with Dethick, Lea and Holloway

1977 - 1982 Revd Joseph B. Hurst (Priest-in-Charge)
1982 - 1993 Revd Joseph B. Hurst (Rector)
1993 - 2003 Revd R. L. Lawrence (Priest-in-Charge)

Combined Benefice with All Saints, Matlock Bank

2004 -           Revd Richard Reade (Priest-in-Charge)
When the church was dedicated in 1840, Tansley was still part of the Parish of Crich but in 1844 a Chapelry District of Tansley was formed which embraced just the village of Tansley.

Twenty years later, Tansley Chapel was obviously thriving because in 1865 a new Parish of Tansley was formed which included the areas of Riber and Lumsdale. Although the Rectory was built in 1847 at a cost of 1000, it was only registered in the Lichfield registry as a Rectory in 1866 when the parish was formed.

The Parish retained its own Rector until 1952 when it became a United Benefice with St. Giles, Matlock. From 1957 until 1977 the rectory was occupied by a series of curates from St Giles who acted as Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity. However in 1977 when the Revd. J.Drackley moved from St. Giles, Matlock, there was no curate available so the Revd Joe Hurst, Vicar of Dethick, Lea and Holloway became Priest-in-Charge. Eventually, five years later, in 1982 the parish of Tansley became a United Benefice with Dethick, Lea and Holloway instead of with the parish of St.Giles, Matlock. The Revd Joe Hurst then became Vicar of Dethick, Lea and Holloway and Rector of Tansley.

When the Revd Joe Hurst retired in 1993, the post was filled by the Revd. Ralph Lawrence as Priest-in-Charge. In December 2003 the living became vacant again when the Revd Lawrence was appointed Rector of St Mary's, Crich. With the vacancy occuring, reorganisation of the Deanery resulted in Tansley becoming a joint benefice with All Saints, Matlock Bank. Revd. Richard Reade was appointed Priest in Charge of All Saints', Matlock Bank and Minister responsible for Tansley on his appointment in November 2004.