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The Gallery

The date of installation of the gallery in Holy Trinity church is somewhat of an enigma. The plan of the layout of the church displayed in 1840 does not show a gallery but shows stairs going up from the porch to the singing gallery in the tower just as can be seen today in Christ Church, Hulland. However the width of the interior of the porch in Holy Trinity does not seem wide enough to have accommodated stairs.   Porch of Christ Church, Hulland
Christ Church porch
The gallery at Holy Trinity was present in 1896 as the floor of the gallery had to be lowered to take the new organ. It could have been installed in 1870 when the church was enlarged by the addition of the North aisle but the style of the gallery is not that of the architects of the time.

The design of the gallery at Holy Trinity is the same as at Christ Church, Hulland so it is very probable that John Mason, the original architect, had the gallery installed in Holy Trinity a few years after the church was built, probably when the singing gallery went out of use. It may be the gallery was built when the barrel organ was purchased in 1850 or a little later when the organ was converted to a manual and then to a pedal organ.
The gallery, Christ Church
Christ Church
  The gallery, Holy Trinity
Holy Trinity

The gallery at Christ Church is identical to that at Holy Trinity both in design and construction