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Church at sunset
Sunset over Tansley                                  All photographs on this page by kind permission of Chris Knightley
Why should I become a Friend ?
Whether you go to church regularly, occasionally or not at all, many people see the church building as an essential part of village life and would not wish to see it closed and unused.

Holy Trinity church has sought to serve this community since 1840, with its tower and clock forming part of the skyline. The church is open every day from sunrise to sunset and is available for anyone to use at any time, a place for regular worship, a place where one can go during the day to sit in quiet when need be, to celebrate the birth of a child and have it baptized, to celebrate a wedding or to mourn the passing of a loved one.

Maybe you are concerned about the church building being there even if you are not part of the regular congregation and you support the idea of it being there for those who want it and for what it offers to the community of Tansley both now and for generations to come.
Where does the money for the church come from ?
Holy Trinity, like all Church of England churches, does not receive any state aid. All the money required to pay for the upkeep and maintenance of the building is financed by local fund raising events, regular contributions from members of the congregation, fees for weddings and funerals and donations by people who wish to support the church. In addition to the maintenance of the building, money has to be found for clergy salaries, day to day expenses such as heating and lighting, cleaning, maintaining regular services and contributing towards the work of the Church in the Diocese of Derby.

How can I help ?
"Friends of Tansley Church" is a group of people who are willing to subscribe annually to maintain the fabric of the church building for future generations. The money donated is used solely for maintaining and repairing the building and is kept in a separate bank account under the control of an independent committee. It is not used for clergy or the maintenance of services. The regular congregation will continue to support the mission of the church. By joining the "Friends of Tansley Church" you will be helping to keep the church building watertight and in good repair.

As of March 2015 the management committee of the "Friends of Tansley Church" is made up of the following people:
Church representative
Church Representative
Church Representative
Robert Raynes
Wendy McNee
Mary Eatherden
Chris Maycock
John Rigarlsford
How do I become a Friend of the church ?
It is estimated that it costs, on average, £30 per day to keep the church building watertight and in good repair. 'Friends' are asked to sponsor a day, or days, of your choice to remember some specific and personal event; maybe a christening, a wedding, a funeral or any other day that is special to you. Donations can be 'Gift Aided' if you are a taxpayer and all donations are kept in a separate Bank Account which is handled by a small committee made up of church and non-church members.
Will you become a "Friend of Tansley Church"?
If you wish to become a Friend of Tansley Church, please download an application form, complete it and return it to:
Friends of Tansley Church, c/o 56 Riber View Close, Tansley, Derbyshire, DE4 5HB