Dozinghem Military Cemetery

Westvleteren, Poperinge, Belgium

Dozinghem Military Cemetery is located 12 km west of the town of Ieper and is reached a short distance along a woodland track from the road. The cemetery is bounded by a beech hedge and is set amidst the woodlands.
Westvleteren was outside the front held by British troops in Belgium during the war and the cemetery is its one historical link with the British forces. In July 1917, at the beginning of the British Offensive, groups of Casualty Clearing Stations were placed in readiness at three positions called by the troops Mendinghem, Dozinghem and Bandaghem. The cemetery was used until early in 1918 but contains a few later burials.
There are now over 3,000, 1914-18 and nearly 100, 1939-45 war casualties commemorated on the site.