Bedford House Cemetery

Zillebeke, Ieper, Belgium

Bedford House, sometimes known as Woodcote House, were the names given by the Army to the Chateau Rosendal, a country house in a small wooded park with moats. It never fell into enemy hands but the house and trees were gradually destroyed by shell fire. It was used by Field Ambulances and as the Brigade Headquarters and other fighting units. The property became, in time, largely covered by small cemeteries.
There are 4 enclosures. From the Field Medical Centres and by transfers from small cemeteries nearby, 5139 burials of First World War servicemen were made at this cemetery in the grounds of the Chateau - 4509 British, 348 Canadian, 203 Australian, 31 New Zealand, 17 South African, 21 Indian, 6 British Weast Indian and 2 German.
There are also the graves of 69 British soldiers who fell in the withdrawal from Dunkirk in the Second World War.