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The church in 1840

An insight into how Holy Trinity church looked at the time it was built can be gained by visiting Christ Church at Hulland, not many miles from Tansley. Christ Church was also designed by John Mason from Derby and was completed in 1838 just two years before Holy Trinity.

Comparison of the two churches shows that the same basic design was used for the two buildings except that the design for Tansley was on a slightly larger and more ornate scale. Holy Trinity was slightly bigger, the tower taller with butttresses and pinacles and the furnishing inside possibly a little more ornate.

The interior of Christ Church has not changed very much since it was built so we can still see the box pews, double pulpit, font, gallery, main door and the windows. Christ Church still has its singing gallery and stairs to it from the porch which now provides access to the gallery so all this gives us a good picture of what Holy Trinity looked like in 1840.
Christ Church tower
Christ Church
Holy Trinity tower
Holy Trinity
The towers are similar except that Holy Trinity has butresses to the tower and the building.
The front porch doors are very similar in design Christ Church door
Christ Church
Holy Trinity door
Holy Trinity
Christ Church font
Christ Church
Holy Trinity font
Holy Trinity
The fonts are very similar in design although the one in Holy Trinity is rather more elaborate.

Christ Church

Holy Trinity Church
Although the original 2-tier pulpit for Holy Trinity no longer exists, the drawing in the original plan of the church shows a rather more elaborate but a not too dissimilar pulpit to that which is still in use in Christ Church.

Interior of Christ Church, Hulland Interior of Christ Church, Hulland

This composite picture of box pews at Christ Church, Hulland, shows what the interior of
Holy Trinity Church might have looked like in 1840.